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  Great Ideas PR is a fresh-thinking media relations, marketing and brand development agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We get your story told and your product sold! With a 27-year track record of proven results, we know how to craft great copy, web experiences, and special events that get results in a wide array of fields including finance, high-tech, innovation, environmental, health and beauty and the arts.  

Driven by results-oriented founder and Chief Idea Officer Sally Baker, Great Ideas is the team that :

  • Listens carefully to your story
  • Quickly grasps the most vital aspects of your product or service
  • Collaborates with you to develop a concise, integrated, effective campaign
  • Shares your excitement and helps you communicate it in a way that's infectious

Every business has a story to tell. Sally's passion is to discover those stories and make sure they are told and told well. Her advice to keep the message simple, direct and understandable has helped put a face on her clients' businesses and dramatically boost their profits. Sally's motto is: "My business is to expand yours."

We're expert marketing strategists and brand consultants with more than 27 years of experience working with you to craft a complete solution to fit your market needs. Brand development, logos and collateral, message honing, media relations, social media campaigns, websites and audience segmentation are a snap with our veteran development and consulting team.

You can count on Great Ideas for effective marketing plans, brilliant online and interactive implementations, finely-crafted press releases, and high-impact campaigns. We help you stand out from the competition with exceedingly clear, interesting copy, eye-catching photography and design and savvy choice of outlets for your message.


Our values guide us.
Integrity and dedication to our clients goals drive us. Our commitment to sustainable technology, local commerce, and global awareness is something we live every day.

Contact us today for a risk-free consultation, and learn how Great Ideas can get you the results you want!  602.524.8596

Examples of our work:

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Great Ideas PR Inc. | 11676 E. Del Timbre Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85259 | 602.524.8596 | sally@gr8ideaspr.com