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Caliber Signs & Large Format Printers - Our clients were super excited about their new machine that makes enormous green banners. The challenge was that not many people care about machines, they care about what the machine can do for them. We moved them into something that everyone would care about and would benefit from, and created the following pitch: 

Caliber Signs and HP created a new way to re-define green. They make banners, posters, and signage with green ink and green materials that when your done with them, are shipped back to HP for free where they are turned into cool stuff like playground equipment. Your banner never hits the landfill. It isn't recycled. It's transformed. People loved it.

Check out their video on Eco Friendly Printing

Unilens Optical - The company was having a difficult time selling their revolutionary new contact lens.  By implementing a multi- pronged strategy, including  transforming their marketing statement from - There's  a new front asperic soft contact lens that simultaneously corrects myopia, biopia, presbyopia and normal refractive errors, into - There's a new contact lens that mimics the shape and mechanics of the human eye and restores natural sight- People wanted them and bought them!

When we combined our new pitch and clarity into ads, pr, marketing materials and special events, we hit it out of the ballpark. With ads alone, we pulled 12,000 calls per market. When we added media relations we had almost 24 thousand calls per market, and far better closing ratios due to the reinforced messages. In addition to the consumer campaign Great Ideas implemented a doctor education program, and business/ investor press program to help move the stock.   As a result of all marketing strategy, the company went from 0 to 10 million in today's dollars, in 2.5 years, and the stock was selling at record levels.

Testimonial from Unilens

The Phoenix office of Eide Bailly, the nation's 24th largest CPA firm, grew by 15% in a year-and-a-half after combining Great Ideas' marketing contributions with their outreach efforts. They went from people saying, "Eide who?" to "I want to talk with you."

Great Ideas powerfully positioned the nation's first large-scale solar land auction which received nationwide press, including articles in the Wall Street Journal, the industry leader Greentech, as well as multiple local and state stories.

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