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"Sally Baker and Great Ideas get brilliant results! Sally helped us with the marketing of the first Phoenix Tour De Coops, and the outcome was amazing. She got us on TV, in all the major print and online media outlets, and into the minds of Phoenicians at large! As a result, the turnout was staggeringly good in the event's first year.

Sally has remarkable skill and knowledge of all aspects of marketing and public relations, and her team is on the ball. I recommend her work without hesitation."


"Sally was already a satisfied client of mine in 2004 when I educated her on the advantages of owning an HSA-qualified health insurance plan. At the time, this was a little known and misunderstood concept. Intrigued by this type of health coverage, she suggested I hire her (which I did) to interview me for what she felt would be a great story. Thanks to Sally's insider contacts and keen sense of public interest, I soon found myself quoted as an industry expert in The Phoenix Business Journal, The Arizona Republic and The Tribune. Many of my exisitng clients called me once they saw my name in print, proactively referring my services to their friends and colleagues. The visibility I earned as a result of being a "published" industry expert provided me with a 40% increase in business over the next year and immeasurable longterm credibility. Hiring Sally was exceptionally effective use of my marketing dollars. My message was personal... no advertisement could've accomplished the same result. If you have a hot topic to share with the public, give Sally a call. Her outside-of-the-box style will give you the exposure you deserve!"


"Before I met Sally, my concept of Public Relations was limited to watching "Mad Men". I was so wrong! Sally is able to take a concept and find nuances and angles that will appeal to both reporters and wider audiences. She is also generously shares her knowledge on creating publicity through public speaking events and pleases even the most critical listeners. I would highly recommend Sally Baker Great Ideas!"


"Sally was successful in getting multiple articles on fraud and forensic accounting published in numerous publications. She has a good understanding of the business community and what stories people want to read about."


The campaign this testimonial letter is referring to, was so successful that the business was sold.

October 5, 2010

Hi Sally and thank you so much,

I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the work you did for us, and let you know you can show this letter to anyone you would like.

When I contacted you last year my business was declining each month or at best staying flat. As you explained to me in your proposal of what you thought my company should do and spend, in order to grow, I thought if you could just keep us from shrinking any more that would be good enough.

Frankly, I thought your ideas about growing were to optimistic. I also thought your prices were probably fair but more than I wanted to spend. In the end you showed me how it could all pay off by not cutting corners but instead doing it right the first time and I used much of the reserve money that I had to put your plan into action.

The first thing you did was have a 'killer' website designed which I thought was unnecessary in the beginning and wanted to wait until 'later'. I was wrong, at least 80% of the people we are taking on as new clients have commented on how the website sold them on our company after they got the mailing.

The mail piece your writers produced has not only sold jobs but, in fact many times when I arrive at a new estimate they are holding it in their hands and raving on how well it was written and how beautiful it was designed. At the same time I step out of my truck with the new logo and language on the sign that matches our mailer and website, and wearing the new work shirts that also match, and then hand them the new business card that matches as well. Everything about my company now tells people at first look that we are not like anyone else, and they can expect a different kind of service from us. That is the exact message I needed you to create but did not know that was what I needed.

Everything ties together and makes the prospective client want our company and I can see it all over their faces when I first meet them. I have always done all of the estimates and have never experienced anything like what has happened with the materials your writers created. It is as if it was crafted to get the perfect customer for us, which is high end Landscape Maintenance with clients who don't mind paying a little more for quality.

The remaking of my company has brought a look of professionalism and portrays the message that I built my company with. I have had people accept estimates of double the amount they were paying someone else just to get our company... WOW, I had only experienced that type of respect from referrals from our current customers to their friends. To get that from a mail piece and the persona we now show to the world is not an easy thing to create,,, but you and your team did it!!! And it has made a huge difference.

Until you and your team came along I had designed most everything myself, and it was very bland and normal and it took a lot more to get a few clients. Also the new signs on my trucks have brought in new business,,, at least two estimates a week just from the signs on my trucks, that never happened with the old 'plain jane' signs, NEVER.

To boil it down to numbers, Bryan's Landscape Service has increased monthly gross income by the same amount we spent, in just 6 months which equals $30,000 and bumped us over our goal of total gross income per month. With Sally's help we have increased our business past where it was when the economy was great, past any gross we have ever seen before and... Percentage wise we have increased our gross by only a hair short of 45% in less than 10 months! It sounds impossible in this economy but it is true and I should be struck by lightning and get boils if I am even stretching the truth!

I realized today when I was writing this letter and going over the numbers that I more than made the money back that we paid to Sally's company with the jobs that are not included in these numbers. The numbers I am sharing here are only the monthly accounts that we have gained and which pay us each month for as long as we keep them happy. We also got many one-time jobs of $15,000 and more installing sod and sprucing up landscapes, that paid enough to pay for all the money I spent on everything Sally and her team did for us!

While it was scary the first couple of weeks laying out money and wondering if it would work, we started getting it back before it was even all spent. In this economy I would say that makes Sally and her crew pretty amazing people.

The most amazing part is I still have over 2,000 mail pieces that I would not mail because we were so swamped and the calls keep coming! I probably will wait at least a few months and make sure we have all the new business under control and that they are all happy and then mail the rest of the mail pieces.

A few months ago I did not know that firms like Sally's even existed, most of the advertising I ever did was with 'ad placers' with no help in writing the 'copy'. Sally explained everything clearly and told me how important the right words are and that only professionals can write such copy.

Honestly, I did not believe half of what Sally said, but now all of us feel so fortunate that we went ahead with her plan. She delivered more than she promised and made the difference in having to lay off men that I had worked with for 20 years and leaving their families starting over in a difficult economy, Or giving them and our company more work than they have ever had.

One of the greatest things that just came to mind is that now that everything is in place I can repeat the results again and again without spending as much money. Only printing and mailing,,, everything else is done. AND we keep our customers, they pay us each month, so what each customer your plan helped us get, is worth in dollars, is literally Thousands of dollars more than it cost to get them!

And for all people who read this and think they can do these things for themselves. Don't kid yourself, Sally has been doing this for over 26 years and she worked her tail off to make sure we were happy, and she went above and beyond in the service that we paid for.

Sally kept helping us even after she had been paid and her work was technically finished. She always returns our phone calls when we have a question and always treats us like we matter to her. I feel like with her help we will never go anywhere but up. I have tried to think of, what would have happened with her plan in a good, or great economy..!

I could go on and on and have much more to say about the Quality of the response we got but enough is enough. If anyone wants to hear more they can call me.

Sally please feel free to have anyone you wish, call and talk to me if they are the 'Doubting Thomas' that I was.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, again Sally, so much for all of your help,

Bryan Riddle
Owner Bryan's Landscape Service



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